Self-Care Saturday

Self-Care Saturday

After reflecting on the last few days, I know that as a parent I need to practice what I preach and ensure better self-care. I have been trying to juggle work and housework, within the hours my little one sleeps whilst still getting some sleep myself. I try to do most of my work early morning before she wakes or in the evening after she has gone to bed.

However, some nights I haven’t got much sleep. This is not sustainable, as we all know – we need sleep! The last few days have taught me, that something needs to change.

Introducing … Self-Care Saturday!

Today, I will be:

– Having a ‘cuppa’ and biscuit or two

– Snuggling under the duvet for some sleep

– Reading a book of my own. (I read so many books to my little one and forget about myself. Modelling reading is self-care for both of us).

You too should choose a day of the week where you reward yourself with some time to look after yourself. Ensure you make time to do the things you enjoy and recharge your batteries.

Let us know what you are doing for Self-Care Saturday over in our Facebook Group.

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