When was the last time your read with your children? Today we look at developing a love of learning through developing a love of reading.

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Develop a Love of Reading to Develop a Love of Learning

When was the last time you read a book? When was the last time you read to your children? Do you read just for fun? Do your daily reading habits consist of scrolling through facebook feeds and tweets?

If reading isn’t a daily habit of yours, you are missing out and so are your children!Aside from the pleasure we get from reading there are significant benefits of reading to your children, for their physical and mental health, that will last a lifetime.

Studies have shown that reducing screen time and reading to your children will improve their language skills and help instill a love of reading.

However you don’t need to wait until they are starting school, reading to your children from birth can boost brain development and their ability to learn. Reading to your children and with your children is an opportunity for you to make lasting memories, develop their IQ’s and nurture a deep love of reading. A lot of parents buy books for their babies and young children with the hope that they’ll love reading. However, when at school age some children only read books they have been assigned by teachers.

Furthermore, when there is no instruction to read after leaving school, many of us can fall into our screens and life passes us by without having read a book for days, weeks or months. This is because the habit of reading was never ingrained at an early age. So, how can you inspire a lasting love of reading? Motivation is key!

From an early age, stories, singing and talk is your babies motivation. Having that special bonding time will help support their development. Hearing rhyme and rhythm will help your baby recognise sounds and looking at pictures will spark your babies imagination and stimulate their curiosity of books. Young children need a warm and inviting place to read, where they can feel comfortable and relaxed to either read independently or share a story. Make reading a special time together and they will become eager to explore ways to read themselves. Ensure that you read to your children as part of your daily routine and fill their lives with age appropriate books.

Older children need to feel empowered by their choice of book and need to be surrounded by books that match their interests and reflect life for them, to increase their interest level and understanding. Children struggle to determine what they most enjoy reading and offering a wide range of genres to choose from, will help them take ownership of their reading and develop into independent readers.

All children want reading to be an enjoyable experience and when this is achieved, you are fostering that love of lifelong learning. Instilling this love, gives your children a head start on expanding their vocabulary and building their self-confidence and imagination. It helps them to make sense of the people and world around them, building their social and emotional skills.

So, in 15 minutes a day, you can nurture the growth of your children, develop their cognitive development and make lasting memories.

What are you waiting for?

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