Today we are asking you to think about the learning environment at home. Does it help or hinder your child’s engagement and ability to learn?

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Learning Environment Analysis

The environment in which a child is learning is one of the most important factors that can affect your child’s motivation to learn. Children will perform better in a positive and supportive environment. A positive environment is one in which ‘children’ feel a sense of belonging, trust others, and feel encouraged to tackle challenges, take risks, and ask questions (Bucholz & Sheffler, 2009). It’s time to do a learning environment analysis…

Make two observations; one on a day when learning is going smoothly and the second on a day when you and your child are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Observe the time your child is actively engaged in learning compared to the amount of time they are switched off to learning.

Try to chart your child’s behaviour – how many times does your child encounter behaviour difficulties? What do you think is causing your child to react like this? Are there any commonalities?

This activity is about exploring the root of the cause that is impeding learning and engagement. Let us know how you get on and if you find it useful.

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