Today we take a look at some of the things you can do to motivate your children to learn at home.

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Motivating Children to Want to Learn

When most children first start school they are eager to please and soak up knowledge like sponges. However, as they get older, their motivation decreases and schoolwork is seen as a burden and homework as a chore. When motivation levels are low, it can be challenging for a child to self-motivate and achieve their full potential.

‘It’s fine for parents to encourage and support, but if a child is to succeed, they have to want to do things for themselves.’ Professor Deborah Eyre.

There are many reasons why children’s motivation to learn can drop off but there are also as many ways to keep your child motivated!

1. Develop a love of reading to develop a love of learning.
2. Allow your child to take control of their learning.
3. Encourage communication and practice active learning.
4. Focus on your child’s interests and subjects they might be fascinated by.
5. Share your enthusiasm for learning.
6. Use games to make learning fun.
7. Recognise and celebrate achievements.
8. Focus on your child’s strengths and what they are learning, rather than their performance and the outcomes.
9. Encourage your child to explore the world around them and make every day a learning day.
10. Encourage a culture where your child learns from their failures and turns them into successes.

Wherever your child might be with their motivation, try not to overwhelm them by working on too many areas at once.

There are many misconceptions about children and their motivation to learn, the most common is that a child’s success is based on their intelligence. Although this might be the case for some, qualities such as persistence, curiosity and self-confidence will lead children to succeed at every opportunity. It is also important to note that these character strengths need to be learnt and developed through the support of parents. Keep in mind that every child is different and outcomes will vary. The one commonality is that all children should be striving to reach their full potential and establishing a strong work ethic is key to this.

Please let us know your opinions and feedback on this one in the comments.

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