Today we turn our focus to your own well-being as a parent and explore some of the things you can do at home to look after yourself.

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Being Kind to Yourself!

We need to be kind to ourselves too! This is not a luxury and is an important part of parenting. You need opportunities to be you and not mum or dad. Being a parent can be an overwhelming task on a normal day however during the Coronavirus pandemic parents have been asked to take on more than ever.

Parents are having to juggle an unprecedented amount of jobs within the day: work, school, housework, exercise and being alert to everyone keeping their 2 metres distance and washing hands regularly, all whilst trying to ensure your child doesn’t have a meltdown and you stay calm. This can feel like an impossible feat at times but the most important thing we can do for ourselves during this stressful period is to be kind to ourselves!

Below are some suggestions:

Look after your body and mind with regular exercise and lots of fresh air. If you have a garden, enjoy the weather we are having and use the outdoor space. Go for a run, try an online exercise class and get out with the children for the daily walk. Exercise supports your immune system and mental well-being. If you can, spend as much of the day outside.

Practise growth mindset and think positively. “I should have done this” is a statement that can be difficult to move on from. Use statements such as “I am confident and capable” or “I am enough” to feel empowered, rather than beating yourself up. Be proud of what you have achieved and be positive about the future.

Give your body and mind a rest. It can be difficult, depending on the age of your children, but getting enough sleep and plenty of downtime are important ways to show kindness to ourselves. If your child sleeps in, stay in bed. If your child takes a nap, have a ‘cuppa’ and chill. Try not to stress over housework, schoolwork or the other 50 jobs that need doing that day. Rest and charge your batteries.

Find an interest that you love and make time for it. Revisit a passion for pottery, baking, painting, running or reading. Engageing in a fun hobby can be one of the kindest things we can do for ourselves. Giving yourself independent time to learn and grow helps you take a break from day-to-day stresses and declutter your mind.

Connect with others. Although it’s difficult to visit our loved ones right now, it is still important to reach out to family and friends daily. We often rely on a supportive network when it comes to our sanity and having a ‘cuppa’ and catch up over facetime will help you from feeling cut off.

Try to incorporate self care into your daily routine. How we treat ourselves is crucial to our mental health and well-being. Ensure today is a good day. You don’t have to know all the answers to your child’s schoolwork, to how the future is going to look, to every question your child might ask within the day.
Give yourself a break!

Have a good day everyone.

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