Remember that children are influenced by your actions as much as they are by your instructions.

You can join our online community to discuss your thoughts and share your successes.

Create a Parenting Mantra!

The moment when it all gets to much, what do you do? Yell, cry, send everyone to timeout or repeat your parenting mantra.

A parenting mantra is a short statement that reminds you of a quality that you desire or already possess as a parent. This statement can be repeated several times to help you make positive decisions in the heat of the moment.

Your mantra needs to be unique to you and your situation. Use positive words and visualise what you will do. Overtime, the mantra and your response will become natural.

Some examples are below…

I am confident

I am patient

I am forgiving

I focus on the positive

I can let go of this

I can respond positively

Give it a go and post your feedback in the group. Remember this is a supportive environment for parents to connect and share their feedback.

We have also launched an on-call booking system for one-to-one advice. Please visit our page @HomeLearningforParents and book a slot if you need to talk or seek advice.

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.”

Robert Fulghum

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